Region: Pflaz

Weingut Pfeffingen, idyllically located amidst its vineyards, is operated by oenologists Jan Eymael, his wife Karin and his mother Doris. All three of them are passionate wine-growers, whose unconditional endeavors to achieve top quality, even on a small scale, make this traditional Pfälzer family operation truly special. They strive to cultivate their 15 hectares (37 acres) of vines to yield unique wines that are rich in minerals and fruit. Weingut Pfeffingen has numbered among the best wine estates of Germany for years. Sense of family is given pride of place at Weingut Pfeffingen. Four generations of the Eymael and Fuhrmann families live and work together at the attractive estate situated on the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Road). Both families can look back on a long viticultural tradition. Their coat of arms to this day, with its mythical unicorn, was conferred in 1622 by Emperor Ferdinand II.

The Eymael and Fuhrmann families tend their vines and grapes with great care. Various vineyard procedures require manual labor. In all, vineyard maintenance is as ecologically friendly as possible and low yields are a matter of course. The grapes are harvested by hand, by experienced pickers. The vineyards and growing conditions at Pfeffingen are optimal for the “king of white wine varietals” – Riesling. The chalky soils also provide excellent conditions for Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). The specialty of the house is the aromatic varietal Scheurebe (shoy´ray beh), named after the grape breeder Georg Scheu, who crossed Riesling and an unkown wild grape in 1916 to produce this delicious grape variety – which has yielded wines of remarkable quality for decades at Weingut Pfeffingen. 

Pfeffingen wines are unique. They are rich in minerals, full of character, and have a fine fruitiness. Their outstanding quality is due not least to their firstclass vineyard sites – Ungsteiner Herrenberg and Ungsteiner Weilberg. The Herrenberg site has chalky soil. The Weilberg site consists of terra rossa (red loam) – quite unique in German wine country.

Estate Profile


Jan & Karin Eymael & Mother Doris

Wine Makers

Jan Eymael & Rainer Gabel


Over 250 years

Growing Area

15 hectares

Bottle Production

10,000 cases


Ungsteiner Herrenberg
Ungsteiner Weilberg
Ungsteiner Nussriegel


Herrenberg – Limestone
Weilberg – Terra Rosa (red loam)
Nussriegel – Limestone, colored & alluvial sandstone


60% Riesling
15% Scheurebe
20% Pinot Noir & Pinot Blanc


Pfeffingen Estate Dry Riesling
Pfefingen Scheurebe Dry
Pfeffingen Blanc de Noir
Pfeffingen Ungsteiner Gewürztraminer
Pfeffingen Riesling GG, Herrenberg
Pfeffingen Riesling GG, Weilberg

Dry vs Sweet

90% Dry
10% Sweet


Practicing Eco-Friendly

VDP Member

Since 1985

Trade Resources

2018 Pfeffingen Estate Dry Riesling

2018 Pfefingen Scheurebe Dry

2018 Pfeffingen Blanc de Noir

2018 Pfeffingen Ungsteiner Gewürztraminer

2018 Pfeffingen Riesling GG, Herrenberg

2018 Pfeffingen Riesling GG, Weilberg