Written by: Christoph Raffelt

“Scheu,” as aficionados like to call it, was bred by German viticulturist Justus Georg Scheu in 1916. Unhappy with the many highly acidic and sour Rieslings he encountered, Scheu (the man, not the grape) wanted to create a lower-acidity variety that could also be vinified dry. He in fact went on to breed an entire series, of which Scheu (the grape, not the man) was number 88, hence its first official name: Alzey S. 88, and later Sämling 88. However, with so many crossings, somewhere along the way his research grew muddy. So although Justus Scheu went to his grave believing that “his” Scheu was Riesling x Silvaner, DNA testing in 2012 proved it to be Riesling x Bukettrebe instead.

Full article: https://trinkmag.com/articles/drink-more-scheu

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